Cities of Magick #1

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"Once Upon a Time in Old York..."
This is the Age of Magick. The Age of City-States and Magick Gangs and the Post-Post Apocalypse. Our hero, a cowboy named Lev, strolls into Old York City looking for something no one's ever seen before. He's picked a bad time. The forces of Hyper-Priestess Isimar Rothschild, the Queen of the Chicago Conglomerate, have attacked Old York. The only person who stands in Isimar's way is Gregor Steiner, leader of the Red Double Xs, the magick gang that protects the city from foreign invaders.

Lev didn't come looking for a fight, but that doesn't mean he isn't prepared for one. Caught in the midst of a decade-old war between two powerful gangs, Lev has to figure out where his loyalties lie, if he has any to speak of. And he has to do it all quick-like...